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Instagram VS Twitter

Nowadays, Instagram and Twitter are popular social media.

Both have attracted many people to use it. These two are pretty similar, but their function and features show the difference between them.

Instagram and Twitter are social media that offer a platform for sharing content and media. Twitter is a text platform where we can share our thoughts through a thread. In contrast, Instagram is a visual platform where people post their videos or photo about what they like with or within the explanation on each post. Both have a limit of characters.


There are 280 characters limitation on Twitter which improves from 140 characters. Meanwhile, on Instagram, there is 2.200 limitation on the characters. However, after 240 characters, it will be an option 'read more' to read the rest of the caption. Instagram has feature stories on its platform. It allows its users to post stories with various filters. On the other hand, Twitter launched a similar feature called 'Fleets' in March 2020. Fleets allowed the users to make stories.


On 4 August 2021, Twitter announced to shut down this feature due to its lack of users. Another difference is in the feature 'live'. On Instagram, the users could do live with their camera turned on. However, Twitter has features similar to this feature called "Space." Space is a feature for doing live without opening the user's camera. In addition, we could choose to talk, discuss something, or be a listener. Both allow their users to create a group chat through direct messenger or DM.


Twitter allows for 50 participants, while Instagram allows 15 participants in each group. The other difference is replying to posts or interacting with people. On Instagram, we can just put our comments on their posts, like their photos, or send a short message through their DM. Meanwhile, on Twitter, we must be quoting, re-tweeting, and replying so that users can interact with people. Instagram and Twitter are one of the social media that many people use. Both offer different experiences and features for each user. They have vastly developed their feature in order to follow this era.